[phpbb2] Moving servers and you dont’ want to completely disable your board?


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Are you moving servers and you don’t want any new posts in your database?

You can use the "disable" board option in your ACP.
However … this has a great disadvantage, namely your whole board is invisible unless you’re an admin.

Apply this mod and only you ( user_id = 2 ) will be able to post. All others cannot post/reply/edit/quote and will see a general notice.


// Start session management
$userdata = session_pagestart($user_ip, PAGE_POSTING);
// End session management

// MOD by Ramon Fincken (http://www.ramonfincken.com) Disable posting except for main admin, because you want to move (database-)servers.
// http://www.ramonfincken.com/permalink/topic131.html
if($userdata[’user_id’] != 2)
message_die(GENERAL_MESSAGE, ‘We are moving servers, posting is temporary disabled to keep our database up to date.<br>Please come back later’);

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