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So I needed to show ALL categories except a few on the widget bar.

No biggy, but I didn’t want to hook ( hack ) in the core WP function ( wp_list_bookmarks() ) to achive this.
Searching the net didn’t give me a hit either …

So there we go ( went ) to create my very first plugin. Helped by the Add link 0.3 widget/plugin from enej I didn’t need very much time ..

The result: A fully customable ( exclude option & extra options in widget panel ) widget which works with wordpress 2.7.1 !!

To show all categories, just leave the ” exclude ” option blank.


Plugin Name: Bookmarks exclude & add extra params
Plugin URI: http://www.WebsiteFreelancers
Description: Widget to show bookmarks with exclude option, extra params are possible
Author: WebsiteFreelancers.nl
Version: Beta 1.1 (Works with WP2.7.1)
Author URI: http://www.websitefreelancers.nl
Extra info: This is my first WP plugin. Coding style adopted from “Add Link 0.3” by enej [ http://blogs.ubc.ca/support/plugins/add-links-widget/ ]

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