[solution] Only allow your IP to admin panel ( and deny all others )


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Here’s a howto, it is really easy to block ALL ips except your IP to any admin panel.

Don’t worry, if you have a frontend file doing things like : include(‘./admin/functionfile.php’); that will still work 🙂

Here we go, I assume your IP adres is and 456.456.456.456 if you are at two locations ( home and work for instance ).
Keep in mind that a combination with username/password with this htaccess trick is better then rely on only one solution.

There is one major drawback … if you need access to your admin panel FAST and you are not at the IP adresses / locations … you cannot enter the panel unless you have some form of remote desktop / VNC server running….

The code is self explanatary right ?
[code:1:9837b77f9a]deny from all
allow from
allow from 456.456.456.456[/code:1:9837b77f9a]

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