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Ow jay, I’ve just released version 1.3.2 !
Download location:[/b:e6a146dda7]

[b:e6a146dda7]All changes below:[/b:e6a146dda7]
Changed/moved project and download location to

-ACP: Fieldfest-
No alterations in functions.

-ACP: Management-
No alterations in functions.

-ACP: Spam Database-
* Added spam score + visualisation of human verification
* Auto delete record after approval

-ACP: Spamlogs-
* Added a neat spamlog IP and username checker/counter. Thanks to Lord Raiden 🙂
Still beta, and only working for mysql

-ACP: Testcenter-
No alterations in functions.

-ACP: Wordlist-
No alterations in functions.

-Core function-
* Cleanup of some code
* Mailer: If HTML mails are enabled, the function now disables javascript for safer viewing
* These fields will throw an warning to the user when being a website url email, icq, aim, msn, yim, location, occupation, interests, timezone, signatue
User still has the opportunity to remove the urls.
* If the username is a valid email OR has website syntax OR has some elements of a website (like http://), throw a warning.
User still has the opportunity to remove the urls.
* Human confirmation after a spam attempt has been logged. This will potentially reduce the number of real humans to make the same mistake and admins can see that the user has clicked the confirm button to confirm that he/she is not a spambot.
* Over 4 records for this IP in the database? That is enough! User is presented with an explanation and cannot use the board.
* Made a start with assigning “spampoints”, currently only based on upper/lowercasings of the username
Update: [url][/url]

-FieldFest function-
No alterations in functions.

-Semicron function-
No alterations in functions.

No alterations in functions.

No bugs to fix 🙂

-Language entries updated-
* Added 3 entries, please update your langfile / translation.
All lang files are to be found in the zipfile and are posted online at

No alterations in functions.

Upgrade instructions are in the 1.3.2 zipfile

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