Why Ubuntu is great ( and better than Microsoft Windows ) 🙂


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Face it … your PC is getting slower and slower … your harddisk is doing all sorts of things except helping you ..

Your PC came shipped with Microsoft Windows , but why not try another Operating System?
For free !! ?
Even without any installation ( right out of your CD-rom drive ! ) ?

What is Ubuntu?
An operating system, just like windows or leopard. It is linux based but you don’t need to do any programming ! You have a desktop and mouse, opening or saving Mictosoft Office documents is no problem at all!

You can download ubuntu over here:
Burn a CD and reboot your PC
Go for the “Try ubuntu without installation” ( this will take some time to load! )

Why try ubuntu?
[url=http://www.linkedin.com/groups?about=&gid=27258&trk=anet_ug_grppro]Some experiences from ubuntu users:[/url]

[list=a:5a98e28dd1][*:5a98e28dd1]Cheaper than proprietary OS
[*:5a98e28dd1]Not a resource hog. Older hardware can use it.
[*:5a98e28dd1][b:5a98e28dd1]It just works![/b:5a98e28dd1] Out of the box.
[*:5a98e28dd1]Can install on many machines without extra licensing fees.
[*:5a98e28dd1][b:5a98e28dd1]Free support from online community[/b:5a98e28dd1]
[*:5a98e28dd1]Yes speed and a small learning curve (if any) when changing from windows to ubuntu are indeed 2 advantages 🙂
[*:5a98e28dd1][b:5a98e28dd1]Easier to manage[/b:5a98e28dd1] – one update manager rather than one for each application
[*:5a98e28dd1]Compared to Windows (I don’t know OSX) – doesn’t get slower over time when you install and remove apps
[*:5a98e28dd1]Free (as in beer – I don’t think the speech bit matter for most people moving)
[*:5a98e28dd1][b:5a98e28dd1]Free updates[/b:5a98e28dd1]
[*:5a98e28dd1]Free drivers, most of your plug and play / USB devices work instantly or require a 30 second automatic install
[*:5a98e28dd1]Open AI, PDF, Mp3, Microsoft office right out of the box..
[*:5a98e28dd1][b:5a98e28dd1]Less likely to be troubled by Viruses [/b:5a98e28dd1]
[*:5a98e28dd1]If it’s for personal use there are a lot of interesting things you come across when trawling Synaptic -I dod this every so often just to experience something different.
[*:5a98e28dd1]viruses, spyware, malware, trojans, all these stuff does not exist yet for Linux or not to the degree it exists for windows.
[*:5a98e28dd1]fast boot (version 9.04). really faster than windows.
[*:5a98e28dd1][b:5a98e28dd1]Runs on old hardware[/b:5a98e28dd1] (my father PC is a Pentium III)
[*:5a98e28dd1]Very easy and fast to install. Insert the CD and normally after less than 40 min, you get a running version, even if you have no knowledge of Linux
[*:5a98e28dd1]Read/write of windows (NTFS) partitions
[*:5a98e28dd1]Import of windows accountinfo on dual boot
[*:5a98e28dd1]Dual boot 🙂 If you need windows, you can still run both !
[*:5a98e28dd1]Quick and easy install of OS and applications
[*:5a98e28dd1]No programming skills or high pc knowledge needed ( [b:5a98e28dd1]my mother knows how to use ubuntu [/b:5a98e28dd1])
[*:5a98e28dd1]Clear info messages and undo a shutdown action
[*:5a98e28dd1]Softwares for all your needs (mail/surfing but also SW development or web server) And most of them are free (in both meanings)

[b:5a98e28dd1]Read on:[/b:5a98e28dd1]


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