[wordpress][snipplet][plugin] Standalone cron.php to call WordPress functions


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Need to be sure a function/class is called on a WordPress site?
Need to have [b:e09b4b37c0]multiple cron jobs[/b:e09b4b37c0] running? OR … are you in need of an AJAX PHP file/page which can handle all your [b:e09b4b37c0]AJAX calls / requests[/b:e09b4b37c0]?

Just use this file ( cron.php ) and put it on your webroot ( where your index.php & .htaccess files are located ).

Adjust 2 settings, call the functions and [url=http://www.ramonfincken.com/tag/cronjob.html]create the cronjob on your server[/url], done!


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