[solution][ubuntu] ubuntu mysql #1036 – Table ‘xx’ is read only


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I moved some database files from my backup to my ubuntu pc with mysql running.

So far so good. I visited PhpMyadmin, database is there and tables too jay 🙂

But when deleting, editing/ adding some row/entry I got stuck with this message:
[code:1:7f12833b9c]Mysql Said #1036 – Table ‘xx’ is read only [/code:1:7f12833b9c]

The solution is this:

[*:7f12833b9c] [code:1:7f12833b9c]$ sudo nautilus[/code:1:7f12833b9c]
Move your files to /var/lib/mysql/[database_name]

Now . make sure every directory/file is owned by Mysql and NOT root or your username !

[*:7f12833b9c] Exit nautilus

[*:7f12833b9c] [code:1:7f12833b9c]$ sudo service mysql restart[/code:1:7f12833b9c]
And you’re done!

[b:7f12833b9c]Read on:[/b:7f12833b9c]

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