WPML custom PHP string registration and translation


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[code:1:6671024264]add_action( ‘admin_head’, ‘mp_admin_head’ );

function mp_admin_head() {
if (function_exists ( ‘icl_register_string’ )){
icl_register_string(’mp_nautic’, ‘Navbar: ik zoek werk’, ‘Ik zoek werk’);
icl_register_string(’mp_nautic’, ‘Navbar: zoeken knop’, ‘Zoeken’);

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[code:1:6671024264]icl_t(’mp_nautic’, ‘Navbar: ik zoek werk’, ‘Ik zoek werk’)
icl_t(’mp_nautic’, ‘Navbar: zoeken knop’, ‘Zoeken’)[/code:1:6671024264]

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