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Next week I will be visiting Athens (and Greece for the first time in my life) to take part in WordCamp Europe 2023.

Many interesting talks and persons, friends from old and friend I have not met yet (ever).

This is my (at the time of writing) timetable:

6 June 2023

Arrival in Athens

7 June 2023

Sightseeing & meeting time

8 June 2023

Contributor day ! I will join the Core and Sustainability tables. Feel free to ask me anything about WordPress and open source in general.

Also meeting time

9 June 2023

Meeting time and:

10:00 | WordPress Performance: Community Perspectives by Miriam Schwab, Thierry Muller, Rahul Bansal, Adam Silverstein | Track 1
12:00 | WP-CLI for PHP developers by Milana Cap | Workshop 1
14:00 | Should you raise capital for your WordPress business? by Chris Lubkert | Track 2
15:00 | Growing product businesses through partnership by Miriam Schwab, Roslyn Lavery, Jonathan Wold, James Giroux | Track 2
16:00 | Women and Non-Binary Folx of WordPress by Rian Rietveld, Francesca Marano, Chaya Oosterbroek, Thelma Mutete, Anne McCarthy, Jessica Lyschik | Track 2
16:30 | Tomorrow’s generations perspective on WordPress by Tycho de Valk | Track 1

10 June 2023

10:00 | Create a theme using the site editor – without coding! by Carolina Nymark | Workshop 1
11:00 | Enable truly global use of your code – Avoid the typical i18n pitfalls by Tor-Björn Fjellner | Track 2
14:00 | Let’s make WordPress & its Community sustainable today by Nahuai Badiola, Thijs Buijs, Nora Ferreiros | Workshop 1
15:00 | Stop blocking my thread by Adam Silverstein | Workshop 1
16:00 | Variations on a Theme: 20 years of WordPress by Josepha Haden Chomphosy, Matt Mullenweg | Track 1

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