Two Freelancing Myths and The Need For Self-Discipline


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I came accros this article and it really hits the nail on the head !

Excellent points (semi quote):

[b:1b88f9a737]Here are some other marks of a self-disciplined freelancer:[/b:1b88f9a737]
[*:1b88f9a737] [b:1b88f9a737]Is Reliable.[/b:1b88f9a737] To succeed as a freelancer, your clients absolutely must be able to count on you. When they hand off a project to you, your clients must know that the work is in good hands and that it will be done.
[*:1b88f9a737] [b:1b88f9a737]Judges Required Work Effort Well.[/b:1b88f9a737] A good freelancer can judge how much work effort is needed and will not intentionally overload themselves. Rather, they will recommend another freelancer if their workload is too great.
[*:1b88f9a737] [b:1b88f9a737]Delivers Quality.[/b:1b88f9a737] There is no room in the freelancing world for shoddy work or taking shortcuts. A successful freelancer knows that they must deliver quality workmanship each and every time that they complete a project.
[*:1b88f9a737] [b:1b88f9a737]Meets or Beats Deadlines.[/b:1b88f9a737] A deadline is a commitment and a freelancer must have the self-discipline to meet it even when it means working additional or inconvenient hours to do so.
[*:1b88f9a737] [b:1b88f9a737]Asks the Tough Questions.[/b:1b88f9a737] Everyone hates confrontation, but sometimes you must question a client to get the information you need to complete a project (or to get paid on time).
[*:1b88f9a737] [b:1b88f9a737]Doesn’t Quit if Project Gets Difficult.[/b:1b88f9a737] Despite your best plans, a project may prove to be more difficult than you thought it would be. A self-disciplined (and successful) freelancer doesn’t give up.

My comment:
[quote:1b88f9a737]Excellent article. I especially love the part with the bullits for a self-disciplined freelancer !

I’d like to add the myth that freelancers are expensive by means of charging high rates for lectures.
Example: you give a masterclass or some training and ask $300 a person. The class takes a whole day ( 8hrs ). Most people would calculate you ‘earn’ $300 / 8hrs = $ 37.5 per hour per person who takes your classes. What is left out in that calculation… is all the hours preparing your lectures, doing research, getting the presentation to your standards etc…[/quote:1b88f9a737]

In reply by [url=]Laura Spencer[/url] :
[quote:1b88f9a737]Good myth Ramon – and actually it could apply to a lot of areas.

Most people just think of the obvious part of the freelance job as being “the work.” But, freelancers must keep up to date on the skills and there are many other “behind the scenes” tasks that need to be done.[/quote:1b88f9a737]

[b:1b88f9a737]Read on:[/b:1b88f9a737]

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