Broken SATA2 RAID1 set, darn …


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Well guess what happend to me the day before yesterday?

Exactly… my server ( ok its a desktop ) had an increased load all of a sudden. Rebooting it showed the magical message:
“Something is wrong with your hard drive array”.

Hurray !! An error message that means business and is clear at the same time how to fix the problem …. right …

Going into the RAID set config it appeared there was some sort of error with one of my ( recently bought ) harddisks ..

After some alternations of settings I opened up the case and gues what? It turned out the SATA powercable didn’t make a decent connection since it was dislodged for like 2 mm’s from its normal position..

Putting the darn thing back where it was supposed to be and all was well 🙂

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