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Bash, perl, python and CLI linux Probe / check a remote port
ramon fincken 0 1711
Ubuntu Linux add a second IP address to your config
ramon fincken 0 7976
Ubuntu Linux Fixed IP config CLI
ramon fincken 0 8306
PHP coding [grep][find] Find specific text in specific file types (recursive)
ramon fincken 0 4026
PHP coding Bash find big files
ramon fincken 0 6635
Ubuntu Find biggest files in linux, and sort by filesize resursively
ramon fincken 0 5129
Mysql databases Import a large SQL file from command line
ramon fincken 0 3616
Ubuntu Find out resolution and many more of a PDF CLI linux
ramon fincken 0 6655
PHP coding [centos] Instal Git on
ramon fincken 0 5077
PHP coding Find empty lines at end of PHP files
ramon fincken 0 7271
Ubuntu SSH without password (using keys)
ramon fincken 0 19146
Lounge [centos] Tweak your swappyness
ramon fincken 0 4712
Lounge [centos] Missing Dependency: tcp_wrappers is needed by package 1:nfs-utils-1.0.9-54.el5.x86_64 (base)
ramon fincken 0 8992
Lounge [solved][matlab] Compiler Runtime in commandline fails to start or not found
ramon fincken 0 47575
Lounge [solution] Installing a Dell 1100 laserprinter on ubuntu (linux)
ramon fincken 1 47624

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