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How to remove your account from twitter.com ?


[quote:2fdb7b13a6]Deleting your account removes your profile from Twitter. After deletion, associated account information (such as user name, email address, etc.) is unavailable for use. If you wish to use your user name or email address with a future account, be sure to change them in your settings page before you delete your account. You can delete your account in your account settings page by clicking “Delete my account” at bottom.[/quote:2fdb7b13a6]

[quote:2fdb7b13a6]Before you do it, you should know…

* You do not need to delete your account to change your username; change it in account settings.
* Your account may be viewable on Twitter for up to 24 hours after deletion. If this bothers you, protect your updates before deleting your account.
* If you think you’ll use the same phone number, user name and/or email address on a future account, change them on the account before you delete it.
* What’s done is done: this action is permanent.

To delete your account:

1. Log in to Twitter
2. Click Settings
3. Click ‘delete my account’ at the bottom of the page
4. Verify that you really want to do it and voila, it’s done.

Note: we change your settings immediately, and any/all old links appearing in a Google or other search index thus lead to error pages. However, these old links appear because Google and other search engines have cached old content in their search index. Twitter has no control over this, but you can send them a request to take it down.

Problems? Submit a request and our Support team will help you out.[/quote:2fdb7b13a6]

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