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resize an image and write the result as PNG

[code:1:fffc75c7e6] /**
* @author Ramon Fincken, http://www.ramonfincken.com/permalink/topic241.html
* @param source
* @param write_to_png
* @param width_factor
* @param height_factor
public void resize_by(String source, String write_to_png, double width_factor, double height_factor)
ImagePlus imp1 = IJ.openImage(source);
ImageProcessor ip=imp1.getProcessor();

int new_width = (int)(ip.getWidth() * width_factor);
int new_height = (int)(ip.getHeight() * height_factor);

ip = ip.resize(new_width, new_height);

IJ.saveAs(“PNG”, write_to_png);

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