[solution][snipplet] Adding a bbcode parser for Mantis 1.1.1 based on Phpbb2


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Update @ 29 06 2008

Instuctionset to update below, please scroll up to re-download the zipfile.
I have included a contrib folder.


# Around line 81
# ——————–
# Similar to nl2br, but fixes up a problem where new lines are doubled between
# <pre> tags.
# additionally, wrap the text an $p_wrap character intervals if the config is set
function string_nl2br( $p_string, $p_wrap = 100 ) {
$output = ”;[/code:1:a8b7777122]

[code:1:a8b7777122]AFTER, ADD

* Parse BBcode hack for Mantis 1.1.1
* @author Ramon Fincken, www.websitefreelancers.nl www.ramonfincken.com
* Added: bbencode function calls
$match_count = preg_match_all(“#[code](.*?)[/code]#si”, $p_string, $matches);
if($match_count) { return($p_string); }[/code:1:a8b7777122]

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