[phpbb3][snipplet] Registering users from your own external script


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kevin says
January 15, 2014 at 6:25 pm

i using this script and it works but there is one trouble for the password integration … it hashed like phpbb_hash do but when i want to login i wont reconize my pass

its like phpbb_hash makes a random salt in the password

Greetings , kevin[/quote:d0af542513]

Hi kevin says,

I struggled with issue you mentioned but I also solved it. It was issue in CSV file. Adding ; (semicolon) at line end solved issue. Before that solution only one password was accepted – this from last line. My CSV file format:


I know that this response is nearly 3 years after last comment but… well… good luck feature reader:)

I needed to left answer somewhere 🙂

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