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Triggers are great stuff when using mysql5 🙂

You can auto update foreign tables having a relationship like this:

table: products
id, cat_id, name, price

tabel: cats
id, name, parent_id

When using triggers you can auto update the FK cat_id on the products table.

I let that to be up to you for now while I give you two simple queries to make sure a date field ( datum, DATE, NULL ) is allways up to date with the latest INSERT or UPDATE:

( I think these lines of code speak for themselves … )

[code:1:23f2453cc6]CREATE TRIGGER `coupon_code_update` BEFORE UPDATE ON `coupon_code`
FOR EACH ROW SET NEW.datum = now();

CREATE TRIGGER `coupon_code_insert` BEFORE INSERT ON `coupon_code`
FOR EACH ROW SET NEW.datum = now();[/code:1:23f2453cc6]

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